Must Try Dishes – Guide to Greek Cuisine

Even though Greece has influenced Europe and the rest of the world with things like democracy, philosophy, literature, science and mathematics, its love of good food remains one of the country’s most celebrated traits. Taking influence from both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, popular ingredients include olive oil, fresh vegetables, cheese, yoghurt as well as […]

Lunch at Yuen Kee Restaurant in Kowloon Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the favorite destinations among travelers in Asia due to its beautiful harbors, amazing shopping destinations and of course food. We were in Hong Kong last January and spent a few days exploring this beautiful city. Hong Kong though is not as cheap as Southeast Asia but luckily, flights from Southeast […]

Dinner Buffet at Santa Fe Steak House

Bangkok seems to have a limitless list of affordable places to eat and one of those restaurants that we have visited in our previous visit to this city is Santa Fe Steak House. Santa Fe Steak House can be found in Esplanade and Central World Rama 9. They have affordable choices when it comes to […]

Churrasco BBQ Buffet Dinner at Brazilia Bangkok

Bangkok’s immense popularity among travelers from all over the world has lead to a demand of a huge variety of food choices. You’ll have unlimited choices of course when it comes to great restaurants serving local dishes but as years go by, restaurants serving other cuisines and fusion dishes are also becoming popular among locals, […]

Salad Buffet at Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill

I’ve mentioned about Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill last December and we have visited it again last January but instead of ordering a main dish, we just availed the salad buffet option which cost 169 Baht per person (exclusive of taxes and service charge). It’s worth mentioning again since I think it’s a great value for money […]

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