Five Simple Benefits of Cooking Your Own Food

Are you a busy person who always eat out? How much is it costing you on a daily basis? Have you tried computing the total cost for a month? It costs a lot right? Have you ever thought of cooking and preparing your own meals? Most people especially those who are working in a corporate […]

Five Tips on How to Save Money on Groceries

Do you spend a lot of money on groceries and want to cut back on spending without compromising your basic needs. There are plenty of ways on how you could minimize spending and still buy the things that you and your family need.. Here are a few tips on how to save money on groceries: […]

How to Stay Fit and Healthy on a Budget

A lot of people equate being fit by frequent visits to gym and engaging your body in a workout program. It’s a good idea if you have money to spend for it but if you don’t have money to pay the gym or if you’d rather use that money to spend for something else that […]

Gastronomic Finds Around Dubai and Elsewhere in the UAE!

The United Arab Emirates is certainly not lacking in the food department, and with so much incredible cuisine, it’s no surprise that many of the cities in the country, in particular Dubai, have become internationally renowned hotbeds of luxury dining, with an abundance of top quality restaurants serving up the very best in a whole […]

Five Easy Steps in Eating Cheap and Healthy Food

Food sometimes eat a huge chunk of our budget especially if we frequently go to restaurants or eat at fastfood joints. There are ways on how to eat tasty and healthy food without busting your budget. Here are five easy steps in eating cheap and healthy food on the road: 1. Eat Local Food – […]

Loving Brussel Sprouts in Ghent Belgium

I have never been a huge fan of brussel sprouts and to be quite honest I do not know many people who are, but that changed in Ghent, Belgium. For some reason it was one of those vegetable that you were supposed to eat, but never enjoyed. When we went to the beautiful town of […]

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