Streetfoods in Old Quarter Hanoi


The Old French Quarter in Hanoi would probably be considered as the backpackers’ hub in that area. Hostels, hotels and guesthouses lined up the small alleys as well as restaurants and shop houses selling a variety of souvenirs.

There are also a lot of street vendors selling a variety of sumptuous local dishes and delicacies.

Here are some of the street foods that I saw (and tasted) while walking around the Old Quarters.

Baguette Sandwich Baguette Sandwich: A cheap favourite among backpackers and tourists alike. Freshly baked baguettes filled with pate and roasted meats and vegetables.

Pho Pho: Steaming hot noodles with your options of add-ons (vegetables, tofu and meat)

Candied Fruits

Candied Fruits Candied Fruits

Fresh Fruits Fresh Fruits

Meat Buns Meat Buns

Streetfoods in Old Quarter Hanoi

Tofu Fried Tofu and Fishcakes

Noodle Bun Tofu with Noodle Bun

These are just some of the street foods that you’ll see in the Old Quarter. There’re more goodies when you walk towards the night market area.

What’s your favourite street food in Hanoi?

Happy Food Tripping!!!


  1. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.

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