Affordable and Savory Dinner at My Home Phnom Penh


One of the joys of travelling is getting a chance to taste a variety of cuisines. And now that I’m back in Phnom Penh, I visited one of my favourite restaurants in this city, My Home in Sisowath Quay.

We first visited My Home last year on a short travel¬†to¬†Phnom Penh and we had fish fillet with spinach and mashed potato and ribs, bacon, sausage and steak and damn they taste so good. I told myself that I’m gonna visit this place again when I get the chance to travel back to this city. And now that I’m back in Phnom Penh,(as of the time of writing) I didn’t hesitate to go back to this restaurant.

My Home Phnom Penh

My Home Phnom Penh

The first thing that first time visitors will notice is the sudden change of ambiance. After walking along the bustling and lively Sisowatch Quay en route to this restaurant, you’ll be welcomed with a soft and relaxing instrumental song and very laidback vibe.

The interior of the restaurant is very clean and classy which is a nice break from the backpackers’ eateries that I always frequent.

My Home Phnom Penh

My Home Phnom Penh

We ordered Mushroom Stuffed Chicken with Chips and Pork Chop with Mexican Rice. The staff was very pleasant and helpful (just like the last time I was there) and was very patient as we choose from the menu.

Our orders were served after around 15-20 minutes of waiting. The wait has always been worth it since they do prepare the dish as you order.

The plating is very straightforward and simple, nothing really fancy and of course the food tasted great as usual especially the Mushroom Stuffed Chicken. The pork chop was fine and I like the rice with beans and bell peppers.

My Home Phnom Penh

My Home Phnom Penh

It’s also very affordable, total bill was only $8.50 ($4.50 for the chicken and $4 for the pork chop). I really love eating great food without busting my bank.

If you get the chance to visit Phnom Penh, go and check this restaurant out. If you’re walking towards the night market along Sisowath Quay, it’ll be a few shops away from The Pizza Company.

Happy Food Tripping!!!


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