Affordable Dinner Buffet at Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh


Dinner Buffet at Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh cost only $7.80 per person. It’s not the cheapest buffets that I’ve been to here in Cambodia but it’s not really that expensive at the same time.

Shabu Shabu in Phnom Penh also offers a Sushi buffet aside from the choices of hotpot ingredients (vegetables, meat, shellfish, fish, squids, shrimps, mushrooms and more) moving along the conveyor belt.

Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh

I’m not really that familiar with all the names of these sushi but I all love them. Sushi has been one of my all-time favorites and I don’t remember if I have eaten something that I didn’t like in the past.

Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh

Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh

Aside from hotpot and sushi, they also have various other dishes that I like. Particulary this spicy chiken satay and potato balls filled with what tasted like carbonara sauce (just my guess). I think I ate more than ten of these potato balls. The chicken satay wasn’t that bad as well.

Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh

And to end the nice dinner, I ate coconut and chocolate ice cream. I like the coconut than the chocolate one. They also have yam, mango and strawberry flavored ice creams.

Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh

Try this dinner buffet at Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh when you visit Cambodia. It’s located at Samdech Sothearos St. corner Sihanouk Boulevard. You won’t miss it if you’re walking towards the direction of Nagaworld (by the way, there’s also a buffet at Nagaworld). Make sure to check these restaurants out on your next travel┬áto Phnom Penh.

Shabu Shabu Phnom Penh

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  1. Mmm, the sushi looks delicious! And it looks like they have real shabu shabu. I first tried that dish in Korea and loved it! It’s so much fun to make.

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