Kinilaw at Bistro Coron


I had the chance to go to Palawan a couple of years ago thanks to cheap flights to Coron that I scored online. The flight to Coron from Manila was just probably just around an hour.

I didn’t know much about the town itself when I got there since it was my first time. Luckily, our hostel was just a stone throw away from a variety of small restaurants including Bistro Coron.

Bistro Coron

As soon as we arrived and settled our stuff in the hostel, we immediately went straight to Bistro Coron for a late lunch. We ordered Seafood Pizza, Kinilaw and Grilled Tanuige.

Seafood Pizza at Bistro Coron

Grilled Tanigue at Bistro Coron

I never knew that I was in for a nice treat. The Seafood Pizza and Grilled Tanuige were good but not as much as their Kinilaw.

Kinilaw at Bistro Coron Kinilaw at Bistro Coron

Kinilaw is a local delicacy in the Philippines usually made from fish or other seafood cooked in vinegar and other varieties has coconut milk (gata). This version has gata and other spices and it was just simply mind-blowing. I love it! You should try it for yourself. I do hope that they’re still offering this dish when I go back to Coron. A visit to Bistro Coron should be included in your list of things to do in Coron. You’ll surely love it too!

Happy Food Tripping!!!

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