My Favourite Asian Foods


Eating various food and other delicacies is one of the reasons why I love travelling. I get the chance to try the authentic dishes in the places that I go to. My all time favourite foods in Asia though are mostly Thai dishes but apart from it, I also like a few dishes from other countries.

Here are some of my favourite Asian foods:

Khao Piak and Khao Soy- Laos

Khao Piak

I have tried Khao Piak and Khao Soy in various places in Laos but my favourite Khao Piak and Khao Soy were served in Luang Prabang. These a bowl noodles with beef broth, fresh vegetables and strips of beef or pork.

Dumplings – Hong Kong


I love dumplings and nothing compares to the dumplings that can be found in Hong Kong and China. Cheap food stalls in Mongkok are great places to find tasty Chinese dumplings. Luckily there are so many cheap flight to Hong Kong from my home country and it’s not that expensive to go to this city to indulge myself with awesome dumplings.

Masala Dosa – India

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is a South Indian dish but you could easily find it in various restaurants in different places in India. Masala Dosa is a very thin crepe with spiced potato inside. It usually comes with chutney and some sort of a yoghurt cream.

Char Koay Teow – Malaysia

Char Koay Teow

Char Koay Teow is like Penang’s version of Pad Thai. It’s basically stir fried noodles with egg, vegetables, meat and seafoods. Many people spend their holidays in Malaysia just to enjoy this delicious cuisine. In case you find yourself on the other side of Malaysia (Sabah), a few high end Kota Kinabalu hotels offer a twisted version of Char Koay Teow. This is a must try for the travelers.

Banana Roti – Thailand

Banana Roti

I’m addicted to banana roti, heck I even named this blog after that food. Every time I travel to Bangkok I make sure that I eat this delicious roti on almost a daily basis. It’s basically a soft crepe with banana and condensed milk. You also have an option to add other sweet ingredients such as peanuts and chocolate syrup on top of it.

How about you? What are your favourite Asian foods?


Happy Food Tripping!!!


  1. Looks of delicious looking meals here, part of why I’m so keen on SE Asian food is there are so many veggie options for us leaf munchers.

  2. wow..I cannot stop scaning all your posts…because there’s a lot of food!!!!! I really really miss asia. and I love all the food you have post here..esp the one from hong Kong ofcourse:)

  3. I would eat everything in here. If we talk about favorites, I have to say dumplings (different styles). I can eat them morning, afternoon and night. Yum!!

  4. Some of my favorites! Your images are wonderful and the banana roti sounds delicious, I must try one!

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