Late Night Dinner at Soi Rambuttri


Soi Rambuttri has become one of my favourite hangouts in Bangkok since it’s not as noisy as Khao San in spite of its proximity to this world-famous street. I have visited Bangkok for a lot of times and yet I still haven’t got tired of Soi Rambuttri’s charm.

The best part of staying in this area aside from having access to very affordable guesthouses, Bangkok hotels and the availability of ATMs and convenience stores, is the availability of small restaurants that serve great food at late night hours.

My lifestyle now often requires me to stay a little late at night to catch up with some deliverables, answer emails , edit pictures and do other blogging related stuff. It’s quite hard to work on articles at this time and I always make sure that I nourish myself well by snacking on best brain food and eating healthy local dishes. I depend on these small restaurants to feed my hungry stomach and good thing that they don’t close that early.

Here are some of the foods that I often when having Late Night Dinner at Soi Rambuttri:

Tom Yum

Tom Yum: This would probably be one of my favourite dish in Thailand. It reminds me of Sinigang which is a local dish in the Philippines. It’s a sour soup with fragrant herbs and your choice of meat (pork, chicken, beef, fish, shrimps or mix seafood).


BBQ: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like BBQ and good thing that there are a lot of BBQ stalls in Rambuttri.

Sticky Rice and Mango

Sticky Rice and Mango: This would probably one of the famous desserts of Thailand. Sweet Ripe Mango partnered with Sticky Rice and sometimes drizzled with condense milk is just simply heavenly.

Fried Rice

Fried Rice: Everyone knows how to cook fried rice but no one does it very well than the Thais. It’s cheap, easy to cook and will be served to you in just a couple of minutes. You have an option to have just vegetables or with additional meats (chicken, shrimps, pork or mix seafood).

Banana Roti

Banana Roti: This is my favourite dessert. Crepe like dough (a little thinner)fried with banana and your option of toppings such as nuttela, condensed milk or honey.

Happy Food Tripping!!!


  1. Nico (A Travellers Journey) says:

    Small restaurants normally offer some of the tastiest food. I always go for the ones with the smallest menus. If a staurant only serves one dish then chances are they know how to prepare it really well.

  2. I still haven’t tried the banana roti, maybe I’ll go for it tomorrow :)

  3. I miss the Tom Yum too! Also the fried rice. Did you get that in Gecko’s?

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