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The savory flavors of authentic Italian pasta with precise al dente noodles, aromatic tomato sauces and fine melted cheese is an experience your appetite will not forget! Enjoy the fresh and married flavors of traditional Italian cooking when you explore the many food options in Italy.

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Italian Pizza

Italian Pizza

When visiting Italy, it is essential to eat to your heart’s content! After all, the Italian style family dinner is meant to keep you satisfied and talking with your relatives and friends for hours on end. It’s no surprise if you end up at the restaurant for much longer as expected, but be sure to relax and take it slow to enjoy the authentic flavors of Italy. From restaurants to cafes and vino to street food, the delicious Italian cooking will not let you down! I recommend eating by region, since you will find some of the best dishes of a particular type all in the same place. A trip to Italy is more than just delicious cheese and wine!

For those days spent walking around all the magnificent alleyways and sights of Rome, I recommend grabbing a couple slices of pizza from one of the many tiny pizzerias around the city. With tangy tomato sauce, stringy mozzarella cheese, all topped with fresh basil, you will easily forget any pizza you’ve eaten before! Pizza is great for when you are sightseeing in Roma, since the pizzerias often fold it in half and package it up nicely for you to eat on the go. For dessert, stop in and enjoy one of my favorites, gelato! This cold and tasty Italian ice cream features traditional flavors and a wide range of fun additions which include fruits, creams and tasty additions like Nutella. Last when in Rome, be sure to try granita and Jewish-style artichokes.

Conchiglioni (large pasta shells stuffed with spinach & ricotta), spicy tomato sauce

Italian Pasta

Of course Italy is one place you cannot escape without sitting down to enjoy a big bowl of pasta or traditional lasagna. These two Italian favorites are best served authentic and can be eaten with a wide spectrum of options. In Venice, some of the most exciting options when dining out include risottos like risotto alle seppie made with cuttlefish, squid-ink pasta, all types of seafood, and fegato alla veneziana or liver and onions. In Tuscany, it is wise to take advantage of your options with delicious boar sauces over pasta, sauces made with porcini, salamis, and dishes such as bistecca fiorentina. The Tuscany region of Italy is also known for its legendary vino or wine, a product of the nearby vineyards. If you are a fan of elegant wine, I recommend a trip to a local vineyard to taste the true flavors of Tuscany.

Along the Amalfi Coast, some local caught favorites are grilled swordfish, sea bass, and mullet cooked with lemon and olive oil. During the autumn months into November, it is a great time to seek out mushrooms and truffles in Italian cooking. If you plan to travel during these months, you are sure to come across some of these seasonal delicacies. And for when you are hoping to taste something new, look out for something called arancia rossa, a unique juice made from the blood oranges of Sicily. And when your belly is full and you have eaten everything from pasta to pizza, you will be glad you booked Dublin Airport parking in advance to ensure an easy ride home from the airport.

Enjoy elegant pasta prepared in the most traditional fashion, when you visit Italy.

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