Dining – From Third World To First World


Cheap street food has long been synonymous with backpacking around Asia – much like stomach bugs. The continent has been flooded with gap year students and people from their early 20s for years. From Indonesia to Thailand to Vietnam, it is a great exotic location with some of the best views on earth.

Asian Delights

Streetfood in Chinatown

Street food is basically a micro-industry where people in towns and cities in the third world can make some money and, in turn, develop the whole economy. Studies showed that billions is made by the sale of street food across Asia and this leads to helpful self-sufficiency. A full story of the street food lessons from Asia can be found in this report.

Back on the street, and it is said that the best cities for street food are Penang in Malaysia, Taipei in Taiwan, Bangkok in Thailand, Fukuoka in Japan, Hanoi in Vietnam, Seoul in South Korea and Singapore. Make sure to book a hotel in Taipei, Bangkok and all these cities and experience some of the finest street dishes known to man.

This all comes at little cost. But, oftentimes, a stint in Asia is a stop-off before heading down to Australia. With prices understandably rising, it’s time to find the deals and get more for your money from the booming country and continent. But how?

Getting more for your money in Australia

A Penang assam Iaksa may be the city’s personality in a bowl but it has you well fed on the cheap. When you think of Australia then surf and turf or beer and a burger might come to mind. In reality, they eat a lot of the produce from the country including crocodiles and kangaroos but how can you afford it?

Somewhat of an Australian phenomenon is ‘cheap Tuesdays’ whereby you can get discounts or a buy-one-get-one-free sort of deal from restaurants and pubs. This is a great way to eat cheaply and cooking for yourself can be a worthwhile experience because special offers are common in supermarkets if you have cooking appliances.

Aside from this, the internet is a great spot for research. Sites like urbanspoon are great for finding cheap eats as they show a range of eateries from the cheapest to the finest across Australia. When in Sydney, your best bet is likely to be finding a cheap hostel that also does food. Their offerings tend to be a lot cheaper than what you will find in the city and obviously convenient.

Making money for your journey

Even when you find somewhere cheap to eat, it all adds up if you’re backpacking around. Many people stay in Australia for a while thanks to its eclectic nature and it helps to have funds to enjoy. What many people do is sell things for free online with websites like musicMagpie and you can flog plenty of other things on places like eBay.

This post is in collaboration with Music Magpie.

Happy Food Tripping!!!


  1. Second paragraph, bitof an editors mistake if they sent you it ,”Bangkok in China.”

    Have to agree that Asian street food is great though. Currently eating BBQ chicken with rice for less than a pound. Can’t go wrong :)

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