Five Easy Steps in Eating Cheap and Healthy Food

Food sometimes eat a huge chunk of our budget especially if we frequently go to restaurants or eat at fastfood joints. There are ways on how to eat tasty and healthy food without busting your budget. Here are five easy steps in eating cheap and healthy food on the road:

1. Eat Local Food – Local foods are cheap, tasty and gives you a perspective about the culture of the place that you go to. If you go where the locals usually eat, then chances are you wouldn’t pay a lot of money for your meals.

2. Buy Fruits in the Market – Buying directly from the market is the cheapest way to eat cheaply. Eating fruits everyday will help you supplement your body’s daily vitamins and nutrients needs.

3. Eat at the Local Markets – Local markets and supermarkets don’t only sell raw foods but also cooked foods. Go to their cooked food section and you’ll find a lot of appetizing option that will surely fit your budget.

4. Cut Down on Oil – Some cuisines are heavily loaded with oil. Choose dishes that are cooked with less oil or at least cooked in healthier oils such as Canola.

5. Drink Plenty of Water or Juice Instead of Softdrinks – Drinking plenty of water during your travels will help keep yourself well-hydrated and drinking water is healthier and cheaper than drinking softdrinks.

Five Easy Steps in Eating Cheap and Healthy FoodPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Street Food by LWY

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