Gastronomic Finds Around Dubai and Elsewhere in the UAE!

The United Arab Emirates is certainly not lacking in the food department, and with so much incredible cuisine, it’s no surprise that many of the cities in the country, in particular Dubai, have become internationally renowned hotbeds of luxury dining, with an abundance of top quality restaurants serving up the very best in a whole host of
different gastronomical delights.

Far East Asian and Modern European cuisine are all the rage in Dubai’s top dining sector, with the best restaurants in Dubai offering unique twists on European food as we know it. Across the city, Indian, Middle Eastern, French, Mediterranean and Chinese delights can be enjoyed in some of the most highly rated and established restaurants, and with over 5,000 establishments all battling it out to gain the respect and custom of locals and visitors, you can be sure that you are getting nothing but the best at the most highly regarded of the bunch.

Gastronomic Finds Around DubaiPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Food by rainrannu

So just where should you start in Dubai to get a dining experience like no other? If budget is no issue and you are ready to splash out, you are in for quite a treat. Dubai certainly knows how to cater for those with a bit of spare cash, and their most high end restaurants are winners not just in the kitchen department but also when it comes to service, views and overall experience.

Just take Al Muntaha, for example, a 27th floor restaurant in the Burj Al Arab hotel complex that exudes opulence and class on first entrance. While it’s original and imaginative carte du jour is the primary reason people flock to the restaurant, its breathtaking, panoramic views of Dubai are what makes it that extra bit special, adding the icing to an already substantial cake, with in house entertainment adding yet another layer. House specialities include tasty offerings that give a new meaning to the word unique, including Ceviche of Tasmanian Salmon in Soy Marination, Grain Fed Chicken Breast Australian Yabbies and Hand Cut Wagyu Beef Tartare. Diners can also get a taste of other Al Muntaha specials, such as their Kaviari Farm Caviar.

Gastronomic Finds Around DubaiPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Food by rainrannu

Across the rest of the city and in a slightly lower price range are some of the world’s best Indian restaurants, including another hotel based jaunt, Armani/Amal, located within the Armani hotel in downtown Dubai. Amal has received several awards for its exceptional gastronomy and haute Indian cuisine, and the stunning interior and views over the city’s downtown neighbourhood only add to an experience already guaranteed to be unforgettable. Indego by Vineet is another popular choice, serving high calibre Indian food in glamorous surroundings in
Dubai’s Grosvenor House. With Michelin-starred Chef Vineet Bhatia guiding the kitchen, it’s no wonder Indego by Vineet has caused such a commotion amongst food enthusiasts and visitors to the city, winning two Time Out Dubai awards in 2014.

Afternoon tea at Le Meridien in DubaiPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Cakes by ciamabue

Dubai isn’t all about food, though, and has plenty on offer for tourists, with hours of entertainment to be had in between meals. As well as the famous must sees like The Dubai Fountain and its many extravagant shopping malls, the dazzling, aesthetically awe inspiring Gold Souk, where you can haggle to buy gold – already notoriously cheap in Dubai and the traditional, largely unspoilt Bastakia Quarter are also well worth seeking out when you fancy a break from man made islands, high rise buildings and the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Editor’s Note: This post is in collaboration with Yadig.

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