Four Tips to Make the Most of Your Holidays Leftovers

Christmas and New Year are usually filled with delicious foods, overflowing drinks and some fun and laughter with the whole family. It’s the season wherein we spend a lot on gifts, decor and of course with food. Most often than not, we prepare more food than we can eat and they usually end up in the fridge. They’re usually forgotten until you notice them again and their next destination will usually be the trash. What a waste right?

Here’re some tips on how you can minimize this wastage on food during the holiday season:

Four Tips to Make the Most of Your Holidays LeftoversPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Christmas Leftovers by Kalleboo

Plan Your Meals (and have a backup plan too)

Plan the meals that you will serve during holidays and plan on what you could do with the leftovers (in case there’s any). Encourage your family to eat the ones that will easily spoil like the foods that have creamy sauce or tomato sauce.

Take Away Boxes

Before your guests leaves your home, prepare some foods that they can bring home so they wouldn’t have to prepare their dinner later. Put them in microwaveable boxes so it’ll be convenient and easy for you to prepare it.

Refrigerate Leftovers Right Away

To slow down spoilage, refrigerate your leftover foods right away while you write down a spin off menu for the following days where you could use your leftovers as ingredients.

Kid’s Lunch Box

Maybe you can make a sandwich from the leftover ham that you can then include in your kid’s lunchbox. The internet is full of free recipes that you can utilize for your leftover foods.

These are just some ideas on how you could make the most of your leftover food. Feel free to add more tips and suggestions.

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