Best Eateries In Rome

When you are in Rome, there is no doubt you will see a large number of places to eat. Most, however, are of mediocre quality and because they are geared to the tourist market could well make you raise at least one eyebrow when you get the bill. If you want to eat out in this beautiful city, ensure that you have taken out you travel insurance policy, because if you get it wrong it could mean stomach problems and a trip to the doctors.

If you want to know where a Roman would eat, then here are some trusted establishments that are not listed in any guidebooks.

Pasta- Oldest Restaurant in RomePhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Pasta by nickdawg2000

Get the ‘real deal at Da Enzo

Trattoria da EnzoPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Da Enzo by yukino

One of the city’s best kept secrets, so please don’t tell anyone because the locals wouldn’t thank you. Eat like a king in this genuine Italian trattoria that only uses local products. If you like wonderful food and a simple setting to eat it, then head for this place and eat 100% organic. If you like artichokes, prepare to discover heaven.

An elegant meal at the Capo Boi

Don’t make the error of thinking that eating like a Roman means you can’t find elegance. At this restaurant, you will be served the best fish in the city, and although it doesn’t come cheap, you are after all on holiday so live a little. The specialty here is raw fish, but save room for the entrees that are enormous and will not disappoint.

Pasta as it should be at La Carbonara

Campo Di Fiori // La Carbonara SignPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): La Carbonara by elonardo

This restaurant has been open since 1906, so it must be doing something right. If you enjoy eating homemade pasta, that is cooked like only an Italian can do, then head out to Monti and visit La Carbonara. The thing that will hit you instantly about this place is the generous size of the portions and the vibrant atmosphere. Homemade pasta like ravioli and lasagne are all prepared with fresh tomato, basil and goats cheese.

Roman pizza at its optimum at La Gatta Mangiona

Let’s face it, if you want to eat the best pizza then you should head for Naples, but if you twisted my arm, then I would take you to La Gatta Mangiona. Situated in the suburbs, you are not going to bump into many tourists here, so get ready to use some of your Italian phrases, because that’s the only way you will get served. This colourful and lively pizzeria does Neapolitan-style pizza, pasta dishes and excellent salads. If you want to try a pizza that bites back order the tuna, pesto and chilli, with a glass of Peroni.

PizzaPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Pizza by blackbeltjones

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