How to Stay Productive in the Office

These days it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t, at least during a portion of their week, work in an office environment. Offices are calm, quiet and cushy compared to other, more labour-intensive workplaces, however this excessive comfort can equally be the downfall of office-based companies, boredom and laziness taking over leaving bosses and employees similarly unhappy. There are some ways to keep boredom and procrastination at bay, however.

Spend Breaks Outside

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One of the main problems with working in an office is that you’ll spend far too much time indoors. The same old surroundings, coupled with a distinct lack of fresh air, can really put a dent in your productivity, so when you have a break or lunch period, try and spend it outdoors. You’ll feel fresher, more awake and more productive as a result.

Eat Well

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If you’re under deadline and work pressure, it can be quite easy to throw in the towel and pug out on highly fattening, calorific foods, but such choices can easily put a dent in your working regimen. Sugary and fatty foods will only make you bloated and sluggish, two things that are not particularly conducive to improved productivity. Try sandwiches, salads, green teas or couscous instead- basically any food that is energy rich, calorie-lacking, and only partially dependent on bloating carbohydrates.

Play Mind Games!

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Solitaire has long been a mainstay for bored office crowds, but there are some other games you can play during lunch breaks that’ll similarly give your brain a work out. Casinosagafans is a great gaming site that has a host of casino-themed games that you can play, but poker should be your first choice; the strategic tos and fros of the game will put your mind to work and might even earn you a little extra cash in the process!

Create Mental Deadlines

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Projects need to be formulated, paperwork needs to be written, reports need to be drafted; every week you’ll likely receive a load of different tasks, and although you can be fine simply working through these tasks, if you have a lot on simply working through won’t cut the mustard. By setting yourself deadlines for different tasks you can maximise your time, massively boosting your productivity in the process. Plus, you’ll be less inclined to procrastinate if you’ve set yourself a mental deadline to complete a task in a certain time period.

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